Mummer's Candle 8 oz

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Mummer's Candles are back and with a new look! Available in 4 different fragrances in 4 oz.

Mummer's Christmas -Mandarin, tangerine, and grapefruit entwined with balsam, cedarwood, berries, and mulled cider with notes of sugar cookies and sweet cranberries.  It's like all the scents of Christmas in one.  

Sugar Cookies Fresh, sweet sugar cookies are captured in their full allure in this fragrance that will leave your mouthwatering.

Clementine - Sweet and juicy citrus fruit found in the bottom of every youngsters socking on Christmas morning.

Candy Cane -A peppermint blend, cool and sweet with a hint of vanilla.  This scent totally reminds you of Christmas candy canes in your stocking!  A scent that will flow through your house!