Edge Of The Earth Wood Wick

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Inspired by nature, these wooden wick candles are help bring the outdoors in with their wonderful fragrances.  

8 oz * Soy Wax * Wooden Wick* 55 Hours burn time

Birch & Berries - An enticing blend of fresh picked berries and birch with notes of spice and citrus. 

Wild Rose & Cranberry - The perfect mix of floral and fruit. Fresh picked wild roses blended with the sweet and tart aroma of cranberries.

Forest Floor - For those who love the outdoors, you’re sure to love this scent.  A blend of spruce, birch, wild flowers, berries and the earth blend together to give you the perfect aroma of a boreal forest.

Evening Sun - A blend of sweet grasses, summer blooms combined with fresh citrus with just a hint of sea salt.

Ocean’s Edge - A delightful ocean breeze combined with the salty sea spray of the cold north Atlantic.

Bumblebees - Wide open fields buzzing with bumblebees collecting nectar to make honey.  The perfect mix of honey, oat fields and almond.