East Coast Memories 6 oz

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6 oz Jar Candle - 60 Hour Burn Time

Tea & Toutons

Based on a traditional Newfoundland breakfast or brunch meal of a cup of tea & toutons, this candle smells just like its name suggest. For those that have never had toutons, it is bread dough fried in a pan with butter or fatback and topped usually with molasses or a pat of butter. These taste even better than they sound and smell even better than that! One of our best-selling candles.


Sunday Drive

In true East Coast fashion many families would head out for a scenic drive after lunch on Sunday. On these excursions it was quite common to stop along the way to have ice cream. This candle is scented in a delicious old-fashioned vanilla custard cone scent which was a favourite on these drives.


Some Day on Clothes

This candle’s fragrance of crisp clean laundry derives its name from the Newfoundland phrase “Some Day on Clothes”. This phrase is used to describe a nice warm and breezy day that is perfect for drying clothes outside on the clothes line.


Salty Seas

If you have ever been to the ocean you know nothing beats the scent of salt water. This candle nails it. Light this candle, sit back and close your eyes and reminisce about days at the sea shore.


Rain, Drizzle & Fog

The East Coast is famous for its Rain, Drizzle & Fog. This candle brings out the fragrances of the fog rolling in from the ocean, and the grass, flowers and trees while being cleansed by the rain.


Mrs. Perry’s Lilacs

Growing up Mrs. Perry’s Lilacs always graced our tables when in season, so it is only be appropriate to name this candle for her. This candle is so true to scent that you would swear you are standing next to a lilac tree.


Farmer’s Market

A blend of the wonderful fragrances found at your local famer’s market. A blend of fruits, baked goods and cinnamon are just a few of the notes found in this blend.


Berry Pickin

A blend of sun ripened berries freshly picked from the wild. Notes of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.


Shed Party

The smokey blend of the wood stove with hints of bourbon and whiskey. All the ingredients for the perfect shed party!


Weekend at the Cottage

The delicious aroma of marshmallows roasting over an open campfire.